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from 1-10
January 2020
Enjoy the opportunity to work with professional 
artists in beautiful West Africa
Our workshop is designed for all levels : from amateurs to advanced dancers and drummers.
previous workshop in Senegalorganized by Agathe Moubembe and Windship Boyd
how much ?
Covers room and board, transportation from Dakar to Gambia and to different events, & all artistic activities.
Not included : Flight USA-Dakar and vaccinations.
Pay a $300 deposit and get the workshop for $1100 before August 30th
why ?
We are passionate about giving African dance and music their rightful place in the artistic world.  Often seen as ‘folklore’, we aim to help workshop members experience it as a living, complex art form. Dancing with West African artists and witnessing their talent and energy, is a fulfilling way to do so. We will also have the unusual opportunity to visit two historical sites of the slave trade  of both Senegal and Gambia. 
where ?
Our trip will begin in Dakar, Senegal where we will spend 2 nights. We will stay in N'Gor village and visit Gorée Island, center of slave trade for 500 years and today a UNESCO World Heritage Center. This is followed by a 4 hour trip to Gambia where we will also visit Kinta Kinte Memorial and lodge at the Kinta Kinte Roots Camp, situated close to the site. Here we will dance and drum daily, also offering Dance & Drums training.
After 4 nights we will move to Manjai Kunda, a coastal town next to Banjul, to join the company Allah Leake, a Guinean dance and drum troop, to train and optionally perform with them. 
We will be lodged at in a local AirBnB close to the company Allah Leake and not far from Gambia's beautiful beaches.

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